MC freezes


I have recently installed mc-4.5.54 from source, and I am having problems 
running the console version of the Midnight Commander. Very often, mc just 
freezes -- the cursor jumps to the bottom row of the screen and nothing ever 
happens after that - I have to switch to another virtual terminal and kill 
off the mc process. Sometimes, however, mc comes up as expected. Whenever I 
run a shell command from within MC, it freezes in the described manner.

I assume this has something to do with the terminal control code? I have 
built mc with ncurses (vanilla ncurses 5.2, TERM set to "linux"). If this is 
a known problem, is there a fix for it? Or maybe I did something wrong? I 
really like mc, but this bug renders the program completely useless for my 

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

(Please reply to my mail address, because I am not subscribed to this list.)

Florian Bachmann <f_bachmann t-online de>

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