Re: slim compile


Since development of the Advanced Midnight Commander has stopped, I
have come back to the mainstream.  MC in version 4.5.55 seems indeed
to be less buggy than two years ago. Well done.

Nice to hear.

A kind request to any MC developer of good will:
a configure file that will allow compiling

  without SLang
  without Gnome
  without Intl
  without new_icons

When I say "without", I mean it should be possible to delete all those
directories without a deluge of error messages. Appending options to
the current configure does not help.

It's a limitation of Autoconf.  The files to be substituted are listed in
the AC_OUTPUT macros in  There is no way to mark some of
them as "conditional", i.e. process them only if the corresponding
template exists.

Automake, on the other hand, has the necessary provisions to skip some
directories for certain configuration.  But it doesn't help if you
want to delete those directories.

I don't think it's worth the trouble to work around this limitation of
Autoconf in MC only.  The fix belongs to Autoconf.

But you can try the latest snapshot from - it doesn't have directories "gnome"
and "new_icons"

By the way, maybe you should explain why you want to remove those
directories from your uncompresses source tree.

Pavel Roskin

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