Migration to Travis CI and help with tests

Hi there,

I've been meaning to do this for the last 4 months, but only now I've
managed to allocate a slot for it: I have finally set up Travis CI for
Midnight Commander to replace my aging builders, which will have to be
decommissioned anyways sometime soon.

Travis is now set up to look at any branches pushed to the main
repository, and run the indentation check, as well as build and run
tests with all features enabled against ncurses & S-Lang, and with all
features disabled (against S-Lang only); I've also added a Travis build
status badge to the homepage.

Do we need to get Travis to send notifications to some list? If yes,
then let me know. By default it sends the build status to the committer,
which makes total sense as far as I'm concerned.

Now, there are still two problems that I couldn't resolve myself:

1) There is a failure at -Werror:

../../../src/viewer/datasource.c: In function ‘mcview_load_command_output’:
../../../src/viewer/datasource.c:398:16: error: declaration of ‘pipe’ shadows a global declaration 

I would appreciate if someone could have a look and provide a patch. For
now, I have simply disabled this warning.

2) These two tests seem to fail for reasons that I can't fathom:

Running suite(s): /lib/utilunix
FAIL: utilunix__my_system_fork_child_shell

Running suite(s): /lib/utilunix
FAIL: utilunix__my_system_fork_child

Same here, for now I've disabled failing build upon failing tests, which
is not a good option at all. Patches to fix these tests so that I can
re-enable failing the build on failing tests would be most welcome.

D'oh, it's all is taking so much time... to make time!

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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