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On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 12:46:08AM +0300, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
And, btw, can current github committers be enumerated please? I based
a maintainer list in the original mail based on "Midnight Commander"
org on github: . It doesn't
include you, Yury, so I didn't addressed to you, sorry. I assume you
have commit access. I also see that commits
and merges pull requests from time to time, and I see few posts of him
in my local mailing lists archive (since 2013-09). What's his role, and
how we can get him into the current discussion? (And how to set up the
process that maintainers communicate on the mailing list, which is
easily accessible to general public, while is least-effort option
(respond when you have time, not right away like jabber, irc, etc.))  

Here I am. Sorry for being "lurking" but I was interested in seeing how
the situation was evolving before telling something myself.

At this point my presentation is really due.

I have to be honest: I (currently) am _NOT_ a developer.
I am a translator.
I currently maintain the GIMP and the GIMP manual into Italian.
I am promoting the migration of KiCad docs from ODT to asciidoc with
an i18n infrastructure.
I managed to keep the Italian mc translation in sync from 1998 or so
until now (yes, a long period). My commit rights were granted by the mc
maintainer of that time (Miguel de Icaza) and I maintained those
privileges committing almost exclusively translations (manual, man,
program) because translation is _not_ a one time effort but a good
translation need constant revision.

Lately I was tempted to commit patches that was waiting for
revision/attention and I apologize if I have done something wrong.

Anyway I do have (not much) spare time. I have a basic knowledge of C/git
and I am willing to help. I have a project in mind on how to improve the
i18n of mc docs (man pages & manuals) but it is just in my mind and I am
not ready to present it right now.

To summarize: I will continue to maintain the mc Italian translation, I
want to be more involved in the i18n matters and I want to do even more.

I think that this situation is not critical but just a phase, a
transition to a better development model and I want to be part of this

I know that I have much to learn but I deeply believe it the "learning by
doing" method.

(Programmer's GOD, thanks for git revert! ;-)

I think that to survive this impasse we do not really need full time
experts. They do not hurt, of course, but they are not necessary.
Free/Open projects are always scarce on resources but that fact never
stopped the development.

We need to be:

- open: to new people/contribution

- organized: we need to develop a method/tools to check the quality of
  contributions. This method should not be carved in stone: we have to be
  flexible enough to be able to "fix" it on the road. That will improve
  either the project and the programmers quality/skill.

- modern: lets use tools that can lift the burden to manage such a project

- joyful: contribution should be easy enough to keep the willingness of
  the volunteers

- trusty: we need to have the trust of contributors and we must expect
  trustful people

I hope to be part of this team.



Marco Ciampa

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