Re: listbox hotkeys

On 5/24/15, Mike Smithson <mdooligan gmail com> wrote:

It's always bugged me that I can only access the
first 10 items with the keys 0-9.
Keys a-z are very often used by the menu of the
dialog the listbox is in, but keys A-Z are not.
Now I can access the top 36 items instead of just
the top 10.

But isn't it "hard" to count, say, 27 items mentally? Isn't it easier
to just press the arrows repeatedly? I think that's a question the
maintainers are going to ask you.

(Otherwise I don't see a problem with your code. But you'd want to
change the "- 55" to "- 'A' + 10" and remove the curly brackets
(that's their laws).)

Anyway, you can do all such tweakings in mc^2 without touching the C
code. Here, I "translated" your code to Lua:

I've also created a new module today that lets you associate hotkeys
with the directories there. Again, no C coding is required. Here's a
screenshot (note the yellow arrows):

(Isn't this feature what you *really* want?)

I use Directory hotlist a lot. Constantly, really.

A few weeks ago somebody said he's using the "File edit/view history"
of Dos Navigator "several hundred times a day"[1]. After implementing
it (better) in mc^2 I can say the same. I mention it because many
times (thanks to its "Quick filter" entry[2]) one can use it as a
replacement for the Directory hotlist dialog.


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