Re: [ANN] mc^2

On 5/8/15, Egmont Koblinger <egmont gmail com> wrote:

[...] a complete rewrite [...] would require at least 100x (but
rather 1000x) the work Mooffie has probably already spent. There are
no engineering resources for that.
Successful redesigns almost always happen in small steps, maintaining
the usability and quality of the project throughout the steps.


Thanks for composing this excellent reply. I actually composed one
myself (a much, much shorter one) before going on-line. I combed it
to see what I could salvage out of it but I see that you've got all
the main points.


mc^2 isn't perfect. API in a scripting language poses many
challenges (which you mentioned, and Szabó Gergely too). These are
certainly issues we'll have to think about. It's certainly possible
that people will conclude that mc^2 in its present form is garbage,
but at least it provides us with a path we can work on.

did you just rewrite half of mc

No, it's not a rewrite.

(That's the short answer. The sources (under the 'src/lua' tree) seem
big at first glance, but that's mainly because they have documentation
embedded in them. There are files with just 10% of actual code.)

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