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On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 06:52:33AM +0200, Szabó Gergely wrote:

Open source projects

Crowdsource translations for your Open Source project for free on Transifex with no word count limits.
There may be a slight difference between GitHub, hosting opens
source projects for free and, BTW, proprietary ones for money, and
Transifex, where you can find the free hosting of open source in the
small print, if you look long enough.

I used to maintain the Hungarian translation for a while, during the
transition to Transifex and, honestly, I could not really grasp,
what was so difficult with the gettext workflow.

- git pull
- do some gettext magic
- edit hu.po with VIM
- make and test
- git commit
- git push

Transifex' statistics are very nice, but editing stuff in a browser,
and managing access rights of volunteers was just an added pain in
the backside. So I passed it on to named volunteers. I think.

But I may be wrong and stuck in the stone age. If it attracted more
translators, Transifex was probably the right thing to do.


I totally agree,

but exec s/VIM/emacs/g ;-)

emacs po-mode is simply wonderful and makes me much more productive.


Marco Ciampa

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