Transifex and the manual files


I have found out, that the manual files that are offered for translation
on Transifex are basically an abandoned experiment by Slava. This makes
me very sad, because currently nobody knows that they are not actually
useful, and quite some people have put their time into translating them.

The deal was that Slava wanted to set up translation using the po4a
tool, but somehow he realized that it breaks roff formatting on which
the help system generator relies during po -> man conversion, and, as a
result, the help files can't be generated from these manual pages.

At the moment, I have stopped the Transifex interface from accepting
translations for these resources until someone can figure out how to set
up a working man -> po -> man conversion cycle.

Are there any volunteers to look into that? Maybe I should make an
announcement via the Transifex system as well. 

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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