Re: Happy 20th Birthday!

MC was a great help for me to understand Unix file system in 1997 when I
was doing my first steps with Linux. One of first installations was on a
SCO Unix. It was the first project I translated into Italian and doing it
I learned so many new things, gettext for a start...

I like it so much that I use mcedit as my standard system editor and I am
using it right now writing this email as a mutt companion.

My very first action when I have installed a new Linux is:

 apt-get install mc 


 yum install mc


I all agree with this last email apart from this:

I think forums work better than mailing lists. I want to frame things up
and respond to critique. And make it easy to do so.

I really do not think so but, I respect other tastes.



Marco Ciampa

I know a joke about UDP, but you might not get it.

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