Re: Happy 20th Birthday!

Am 05.11.2014 10:39, schrieb Egmont Koblinger:
On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Oliver Lange <bloody bloody in-berlin de> wrote:
I'm just glad to
have mc, a software i'm using all day long, in a Terminator console. ;)

Did you just mention another piece of software that's also dying? :)

Don't say 'also'.. :O

Yep, that's the one. Oh well, they need a transition to GTK+3 and
a more recent vte. Looks like the really good stuff never gets to
become standard. Kinda reminds me of Betamax/Video2000 vs VHS..
.. although there is some promising development going on, so i'll
keep my hopes up for now. Thanks for the bad news. ;)

I run 2-3 mc's in a 1920x1200er Terminator window with 5 consoles,
kinda compensates a bit for the absence of 'tabbed commanding'.
Can't give that up. Only one console? Unthinkable..



Oliver Lange.

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