Re: Happy 20th Birthday!

Am 04.11.2014 13:47, schrieb Slava Zanko:
I'm a  MC-druggie :) My reason to participate in development was a
wish to stay MC alive and to make MC more comfortable and soft. Now I
am completely satisfied with the MC, but there are some things that I
would like to do. I can inform you about my plans relative to MC:

The only thing i'm still hoping for is 'tabbed commanding' - i.e.,
multiple directory 'tabs' on each side. Would be extremely helpful when
working on a software project, to name an example.

It's a bit sad to hear that mc development is slowing down, but hey,
mc has already become an extremely helpful software, with tons of bugs
from old versions fixed and with many nice features. I'm just glad to
have mc, a software i'm using all day long, in a Terminator console. ;)
Therefor, i am deeply grateful. Thanks, everyone!



Oliver Lange.

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