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29.10.2014 23:07, Egmont Koblinger пишет:
Sadly, as this post points out, mc almost died twice already – and
the really sad aspect that casts a shadow to the current birthday
is that I personally feel it's dying again for the third time.

Yes, have a reason here. Frankly speaking, we need 'new blood', new
developers, new maintainers in our team. Not all current developers
have a time (or even a fun) in developing of MC. Lot of tickets have
unresolved in months and even years. It weird, I agree.

So this my mail is for potential MC-developers and maintainers: we
opened for your proposals. Anyway, I'll be happy if our team will be
increased by new members.

I'm a  MC-druggie :) My reason to participate in development was a
wish to stay MC alive and to make MC more comfortable and soft. Now I
am completely satisfied with the MC, but there are some things that I
would like to do. I can inform you about my plans relative to MC:
  - Firstly, I want drop current 'keybind' implementation with 'CK_*'
constants. I started work into DEV_keymap branch, The branch contains
new event-based implementation of keymaps.
  - Secondly, I want add ability to connect plugins. I want to split
monolite MC into logical blocks. For example, first candidates of
plugins are: VFS, Treeview, Editor.Viewer/Diffviewer, syntax
highlighting and spell checking for editor and so on. In long
perspective, this decision allows everybody to have own plugins on
GitHub without directly participating in MC development.
  - Thirdly, i want to re-implement VFS. For example, We have issues
with new Samba implementation (the ticket #1): we need to determine
what kind of type have a directory element: 'group', 'server',
'directory', 'share name' and so on. Without this, we have issues with
navigating across Windows networks. For avoid these issues, we need to
store directory type into VFS node, but current implementation doesn't
have any dirtypes. This just one of things related to VFS.
  - And last (but not least), need to review all opened bugreports,
need to determine what kind of bugs need to fix and what kind of bugs
will initiate re-implementations of code pieces (because these pieces
are 'wrong by design').

So, Anyway I want to congratulate all with 20th Birthday of MC. I will
be very happy, if after 20th Birthday MC  will be alive again (like
Phoenix Bird) with newly generated team.

Thanks all!
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