Re: ctrl mappings don't work

>>> dude, maybe just give it a rest? i *co-authored* the pty code of a terminal emulator (and in the process studied the code of another, plus, a whole bunch of manuals). i certainly know the terminology and semantics. >>>

You might be a world champion, so? We are not talking about your trophies, just about what you posted here.

You started with

"huh? slang/ncurses runs the tty in raw mode..."

Either (1);

You were referring to the text console in which case your statement is wrong.

Or (2);

You were referring to a graphic terminal in which case you must be the only person on the planet that calls tty a graphic terminal window.

In respect to your statement above, you later clarified

"...that this is utterly irrelevant."

Nonetheless, you argued using that utterly irrelevant statement.

And finally do not forget your other gem:

"...if mc didn't have the meaning of those codes hard-wired somewhere"

The corresponding MC source and good manners will be appreciated.

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