ctrl mappings don't work


my goal is to map ctrl-h to CdParent, but it does not work as
expected. What I've tried so far: In my mc.keymap I added the ctrl-h
mapping to CdParent.

  CdParent = ctrl-pgup; ctrl-h

However, pressing ctrl-h does no move to the parent directory. Then
I tested an alt mapping:

  CdParent = ctrl-pgup; alt-h

The alt-h mapping works as expected. Then I checked other ctrl key
bindings, e.g. I added

  Down = down; ctrl-n; ctrl-m

But also in this case pressing ctrl-m also does not move the cursor
down. That means there's something wrong with the ctrl mappings. The
key bindings work as described in the manual, but new key bindings
don't work. What could be the cause and how to fix this?

GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.5
Built with GLib 2.32.4
rxvt-unicode on Debian GNU/Linux


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