Re: ctrl mappings don't work

>>> huh? slang/ncurses runs the tty in raw mode...

Marco's issue concerns rxvt-unicode not the text console.

There is no keyboard raw mode in a graphic terminal for the simple reason that any application below X11 is interacting with X11 and not with the kernel. This includes applications written for the text console: if they try to switch to raw keyboard, they will wait a little while. Note that they are interacting with the terminal, the terminal is interacting with X11.

In the tty neither slang nor ncurses do switch to raw keyboard. (Try and tell apart TAB, Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-I in jed or any slang application.) When ncurses refers to raw mode, they are talking about NOT converting received keystrings (keyboard is in ASCII or UNICODE mode) into numbers. For instance, in cooked (i.e. not raw) mode the left arrow gets 0404.

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