Re: Segfault when viewing HTML files with "mc -v"

On Mon, 2012-07-30 at 10:58 +0200, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
> Nikos, never mind, I had the same problems when first I wanted to
> create a ticket with some patches for bugfixes and new features. And
> do not be shocked about the security warning in the browser. The
> developers say it is meant to be this way.

If you were to contribute a paid-for wildcard SSL certificate the
warning would of course go away. That's what you get for using free
self-signed certificates.

> My impression is that this project is kind of dead anyway. Nobody ever
> really cared about my inquiries on this list or my well documented
> ticket #2742 on, even though I am offering
> major improvements for subshell support and worked my ass off to get
> the patches working in a way which might seem fit to be committed

I see it from the ticket history that Slava accepted it at some point,
but probably it was postponed until later and he never got back to it. 

If I were you, I would just post reminders from time to time, which
always worked well for me. I'm sure it is not bad will...

> Sorry to the development team if this message might sound a bit
> polemic, I do not mean to insult anyone. 

I think it's not a process problem (anymore), but simply a workforce and
communication problem. The core team is as small as 3 persons working on
mc in their spare time plus a number of less frequent contributors.

The core team is focused on architectural improvements and most urgent
bugs, tickets come next... Worse even it's substantially harder for most
of them to communicate in English, so tickets that require a lot of
communication naturally get put off till later.

I used to help with that in the past, but now I really can't make any
more time for that, and some will even argue that I wasn't any good at
it anyways.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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