Re: Segfault when viewing HTML files with "mc -v"

On 30/07/12 09:27, Andrew Borodin wrote:
On Mon, 30 Jul 2012 01:38:53 +0300 Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
(I'm on Linux 64-bit.  This happens with current Git master as well as the
4.8.4 release.  4.8.3 does not have the issue.

Thanks for the bugreport. But best way to report bugs is to create ticket at

Yeah, I tried to find the bug tracker, but couldn't find it in the page I *thought* is MC's homepage:

It's at the top when googling "midnight commander". Likewise, googling for "midnight commander bug tracker" gets you to:

which at the top of the page claims:

  "New official bug tracker for Midnight Commander project"

but you can't file any bugs there. You guys might want to sort out all those different and spread out pages.

(I did in the past sign up in the real bug tracker, but this isn't something I could have remembered years after.)

Since segfault is serious bug, I created ticket myself:
Please test that fix.

Yep, that fixes it.

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