Re: Transifex and mc.pot

On Mon, 30 Jul 2012 01:34:46 +0200 David Mart?n wrote:
> I feel that I'm doing something wrong about translations... I keep my es.po
> file updated to latest git sources. Not every day nor every week, but on
> a regular basis. But if I upload the file to Transifex it REFUSES quite a few
> messages. I suppose it's because an older mc.pot file. The mc.pot seems to be
> uploaded just before every release, but this way the release is published
> with old translations.

Transifex detects changes in mc.pot in repo and automatically downloads mc.pot
and merges it into all .po files. And yes, actually mc.pot is gerenerated before
release. I think, we should make it more often, not for after every change in i18n stuff, but after more or less accumulated number of changes.


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