Re: mc stable 4.8 vs. precise pangolin

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 01:08:48PM +0100, Egmont Koblinger wrote:
> Probably the most popular Linux distro, Ubuntu will release its
> next LTS (long term support = 5 years) edition, codenamed Precise
> Pangolin this April.
> In my opinion, it might speed up and ease the work of MC developers
> for the next couple of years if we could manage to leave the 4.7
> branch behind and focus on 4.8 and newer ones as soon as possible. 
> For this, I think that making Pangolin ship 4.8 would be a great
> step.
> What do you guys think?  Is it worth the effort?

I'm not a developer here, just a user/lurker, but I have some
thoughts to add to this discussion. Do with them what you will.

First: although Ubuntu is popular, IINM they do not include mc in
their default package selection. So it's not likely to reach wide
audiences as you might hope/expect.

Second: Ubuntu works on a timeline: release on schedule even if
outstanding issues are unresolved. While they have their reasons for
that policy, I do not think it fits most other projects.

My suggestion: continue moving along just as you have been. This 
project is mature. Changes should be slow.

Thanks for mc, thanks for reading.
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