Re: mc starting up very SLOW with --enable-vfs-smb

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02.12.2012 02:45, Nelson wrote:
> Originally started with mc 4.8.4 on Slackware64 and that's when I 
> noticed how slow mc was after you started it from the command
> line. Timing it took approximately 12 seconds and this is on a
> relatively new system so I investigated further to find that this
> was caused by Slackware compiling mc with --enable-vfs-smb.
> Building 4.8.6 with that option also results in this slow startup
> with the only course of action to either live with it or remove
> that option because removing it results in a fast as heck startup.
> Unfortunately at the cost of no vfs support for Samba access, which
> is a bummer.  Also of note, running mc with strace I can see it
> trying to contact my gateway for some reason, which is part of the
> duration that's slowing the startup process.  Is this a bug or is
> this something one has to live with for vfs Samba access?

Try to put the line to /etc/hosts: localhost localhost.localdomain

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