mc starting up very SLOW with --enable-vfs-smb

Originally started with mc 4.8.4 on Slackware64 and that's when I noticed how slow mc was after you started it from the command line.  Timing it took approximately 12 seconds and this is on a relatively new system so I investigated further to find that this was caused by Slackware compiling mc with --enable-vfs-smb.  Building 4.8.6 with that option also results in this slow startup with the only course of action to either live with it or remove that option because removing it results in a fast as heck startup.  Unfortunately at the cost of no vfs support for Samba access, which is a bummer.  Also of note, running mc with strace I can see it trying to contact my gateway for some reason, which is part of the duration that's slowing the startup process.  Is this a bug or is this something one has to live with for vfs Samba access?

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