Re: mc.ext is problematic by nature

2012/4/8 Szabó Gergely <szg subogero com>:
> On Sun, Apr 08, 2012 at 09:00:40PM +0200, László Monda wrote:
>> I agree however that eliminating mc.ext is probably overkill, but
>> system level defaults should be taken into consideration and mc.ext
>> could provide a way to override those.
>> László Monda <>
> Hello,
> I think the problem is that Unices don't have the concept of
> system level defaults. Gnome and KDE do, but they are not the system.

As I said a bit earlier in a related discussion the relevant standards are and
which are implemented by Gnome 3 and which are supposed to be
implemented by major desktops.

> What would you do on a text-only Debian Squeeze server?

I'd check whether the shared-mime-info package (which implements the
above standards) is installed and not try to read system level
defaults if it's not.

> Or an Android phone? Or an OpenWRT router?

Although these are rather exotic environments in these cases I'd check
whether the relevant directories are available on the system and not
try to read those system level defaults if they're not there.

> Even if the computer had Gnome, what would you do if you were
> connected to the machine through a text-only ssh-session?

Given that the above standards define a directory hierarchy the
associations are easily readable from within an SSH session.

> So it's all up to the user or, in our case, mc.ext.

Yes, and respecting system level defaults also has definite advantages.

> Best regards
> Gergely Szabo
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