Re: mc extension not working since 4.7

On 10.12.2011 22:01, Pascal Dag wrote:

with mc>  4.7, I have issues accessing my
A blank appear in the front of the USB storage name in the mc menue (see link of imagebin below).
so a scrolling in subdirectories with "return" key is not possible.
an access with the line command cd "usbstickname" is possible.
I personally evaluate this as a bug.
Could you please help? Is there a workaround or a setup for avoiding this?
my distro is tinycorelinux with mc 4.7.5 and 4.8.
my other distro ubuntu 10.04 with mc 4.7 is ok.

Please, try to use latest releases, such as or 4.8.1

This know bug and was fixed in these releases.

WBR, Slavaz.

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