mc extension not working since 4.7


with mc > 4.7, I have issues accessing my
A blank appear in the front of the USB storage name in the mc menue (see link of imagebin below).
so a scrolling in subdirectories with "return" key is not possible.
an access with the line command cd "usbstickname" is possible.
I personally evaluate this as a bug.
Could you please help? Is there a workaround or a setup for avoiding this?
my distro is tinycorelinux with mc 4.7.5 and 4.8.
my other distro ubuntu 10.04 with mc 4.7 is ok.

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Gesendet: Sa., 10. Dez 2011 08:18 MEZ
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I do not know what is causing your problem,. mc in TC is a standard 
build without any hacks and I'm using it regularly as my standard ftp 
cliemt. I can make a 4.6 or 4.7.0 build hoping they are ok for you.

In the mean time you can ask help on mc mail list and also make a bug 
report at mc.

Regards... Béla

2011.12.07. 22:24 keltezéssel, Pascal Dag írta:
> Dear Bela,
> thanks. I tried your but see there
> There is still a blank between the "/" and the "SanDisk..." in the mc ftp on the right side. This blank is blocking the scrolling in the subdirectories of that stick.
> On my wife laptop and ubuntu 10.04 (latest available version is mc 4.7.0 from the ubuntu repository), this blank is not there.. and I can scroll in the sub directories of that USB stick.. and find my files.
> So, I dont know what to do
> a) ask for a 4.7.0 (before christmas..)
> b) or find another programm
> c) or ask the mc programmers to modify the behaviour of mc: by giving "" into the ftp link, a blank should not be included in the front of the USB stick name
> Any advice is welcome.
> Regards,
> Pascal
> Bela Markus schrieb am Mo., 5. Dez 2011 09:32 MEZ:
>> Pascal,
>> try this.
>> Regards... Béla
>> 2011.12.02. 20:19 keltezéssel, Pascal Dag írta:
>>> hello bela,
>>> I installed the mc of the attachment
>>> a) it dont work (latest tcl and asus latop from my wife booted via SD
>>> card)
>>> b) it says this is version 4.8.0 (info in mc)
>>> Could you please resent the
>>> Thanks,
>>> pascal

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