Midnight Commander (stable) released

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Hi all,

mc- now released (stable).

Download page: http://www.midnight-commander.org/downloads?order=id&desc=1

Major changes and fixes since (http://www.midnight-commander.org/wiki/NEWS-

- - Core
  * Faster startup (#2637)

- - Editor
  * Lex/Flex sources (extension .l) handled by yxx.syntax file. Yacc/Bison syntax completed with all symbols (#1647)

- - Misc
  * A few useful additions to filehighlight.ini (#2646)

- - Fixes
  * Сan't compile on OpenIndiana (Solaris) (#2643)
  * In "Copy File" dialog the "preserve Attributes" checkbox is always unchecked for filesystems mounted with FUSE (#2254)
  * Save of some learned keys is broken (#2676)
  * Command line cursor misplaced after a resize in viewer/editor (#2678)
  * Editor word completion should ignore the current word (#2614)
  * Editor sometimes shows two dots instead of letter (#2372)
  * Viewer sometimes shows two dots instead of letter (#1730)
  * Viewer shows two dialogs when searcj hot found (#2677)
  * extfs: strange error message when opening a 7z file if p7zip is not installed (#2598)
  * Сannot navigate over spftp servers (#2634)
  * mc adds spaces at the beginning of all files/dirs on ftp servers (#2635)
  * mc does not preserve file mtime when copying over ssh (#2625)

Notice: this is a latest release in 4.7.5.x branch. Next releases will be have new base: 4.8.1.x. Be aware, please.

- -- 
WBR, mc development team.
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