Re: Lazy behavior in Extfs

* Gastón Tonietti <gaston tonietti gmail com> schrieb:


> Nice. It should be very useful to handle it this way. Is there any issue for
> tracking this improvement or we should open a new one?

None that I know of, to perhaps make a new feature-request ticket.

> The desired behavior should be to work with a single instance of the
> *service* for the given archive and keep it during all the MC session. This
> way all initialization work is done just once, the ideal scenario for LAZY
> processing. Also the *service* could listen for external changes made to the
> archive and ask MC for a refresh some way.

In this case you might like to have a look at the 1775_mvfs_9P branch:
it adds 9P support via libmvfs (a userland vfs library). You could dock
in your service either into libmvfs or as an separate 9P server (using
libmixpsrv or libs from plan9port).

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