Re: Alt+function keys and other keys

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, Miguel Pérez wrote:

It does, but they are not recognized. Here's an example of different alt-f1
sequences I've seen:

Konsole (TERM=konsole), native keyboard ("xterm XFree 4.x.x"): ^[O3P
xterm (TERM=xterm): ^[[1;3P
urxvt (TERM=rxvt-unicode): ^[^[[11~
mlterm (TERM=mlterm): ^[[11;3~

Midnight Commander doesn't recognize any of these. I wonder what kind of
terminal does it expect (shouldn't it be flexibly detected from TERM?).

terminfo should provide the details (using the convention from xterm,
which encodes 12 function-keys with control-, shift-, alt-modifiers).

The last I noticed, Konsole doesn't _set_ $TERM, but has a keyboard setting (analogous to the predefined flavors in xterm for Sun, HP, etc).


2010/3/11 Thomas Dickey <dickey his com>

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Miguel Pérez wrote:

 What I wonder is why even on the reference terminal xterm, some key escape
sequences aren't even recognized, including simple enough ones such as
ctrl-f1 or alt-f1.

It depends on the keyboard configuration.  (The "vt220" flavor won't do
much with control/F1).  The (default) Sun/PC does send different

Thomas E. Dickey

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