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Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com> wrote:

> Nope. At Transifex you free for select your expirience level yourself:

Right, you can use your preferred editor, but where is the advantage of
Transifix, other that you can submit a file with the click of a button as
opposed to sending it to the Translation Robot by mail?


> As you see, it's able to add coordinators, members and/or maillist...

Okay, but since teams are already in place around the globe and connected
to the Translation Project, I do not see the need for this site.

>>> Also, year ago Patrick Winnertz sent e-mail's to
>>> coordinator@ translationproject... and remained unanswered.
>> Well, sometimes mails go astray. Then you try to resend or find an
>> alternative address. I'll volunteer to get in touch, if you like.

> I'm don't sure that having two translate systems it's a good idea...
> Or you propose drop Transifex?

YES, that is infact what I propose. The Translation Project works well,
and you cannot expect the same level of team participation in Transifix
as in the Translation Project which has been around since 1996.
Transifix, who knows, may be gone next year...

>>> Transifex  is supported by Fedora translation project; i think, this
>>> good argument for this.
>> Generally speaking, I do not think it is any argument at all, but for the
>> sake of the argument, I suppose that if a distro like Fedora absolutely
>> has to endorse any one particular site for maintaining translations, then
>> it cannot be the TR, since Fedora also includes non-free repositories.

> As first, Fedora don't include non-free repositories. This is a
> third-party repo's; official Fedora's position - no any ClosedSource or
> patient-violation projects into official repos (base/update).

Sure, like e.g. Debian, I just meant to say that if Fedora were to
endorse a single translation system that could be used for all of their
repositories, then it would have to be something like Transifix. It is
not an argument, however, that Transifix is particularly well suited or
better for the purposes of the Midnight Commander project. Debian does
not make such recommendations.

> As second, I'm not a fanatic of OpenSource. I feel difference between
> 'free' as 'freedom' and 'free'  as 'free beer' - transifex make money
> from commercial translations, but for opensource projects translations
> is free (as freedom, all people can see, all people can change). Guys
> from Indifex company (owner of Transifex project) just want happiness
> for their families (like to all us); so translations - it's their
> bussiness (SaaS).

I am not a fanatic either, but then again, it is beside the point ;-)


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