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17.02.2010 21:16, Morten Bo Johansen wrote:

>> IMHO, Transifex more convenient service.
> Convenient for whom? I see that Transifix includes a web based editor. I
> suppose that might appeal to some newbies that have no prerequisites with
> the gettext tools or knowledge of the po-file format. 

Nope. At Transifex you free for select your expirience level yourself:

After translation upload changes will updated into repo automatically
(like online-editing - after submiting changes).

> However, the real downside of a project like Transifix, as I see it, is that it addresses
> individuals whereas the Translation Project (TR) targets translation
> teams. TR already has a huge number og translation teams hooked up and
> notifications of new versions of po-files are sent to the mailing list of
> those teams. Translations are usually peer reviewed on the mailing list
> and adhere to the rules and policies for specific and general translation
> that have been agreed on by the members. To me that means a great
> advantage over Transifix in terms of the quality, consistency and
> longterm maintainence of the translations.

As you see, it's able to add coordinators, members and/or maillist...

>> Also, year ago Patrick Winnertz sent e-mail's to
>> coordinator@ translationproject... and remained unanswered.
> Well, sometimes mails go astray. Then you try to resend or find an
> alternative address. I'll volunteer to get in touch, if you like.

I'm don't sure that having two translate systems it's a good idea...
Or you propose drop Transifex?

>> Transifex  is supported by Fedora translation project; i think, this
>> good argument for this.
> Generally speaking, I do not think it is any argument at all, but for the
> sake of the argument, I suppose that if a distro like Fedora absolutely
> has to endorse any one particular site for maintaining translations, then
> it cannot be the TR, since Fedora also includes non-free repositories.

As first, Fedora don't include non-free repositories. This is a
third-party repo's; official Fedora's position - no any ClosedSource or
patient-violation projects into official repos (base/update).

As second, I'm not a fanatic of OpenSource. I feel difference between
'free' as 'freedom' and 'free'  as 'free beer' - transifex make money
from commercial translations, but for opensource projects translations
is free (as freedom, all people can see, all people can change). Guys
from Indifex company (owner of Transifex project) just want happiness
for their families (like to all us); so translations - it's their
bussiness (SaaS).

Btw, engine of site is opensource (,
anybody feel free to download&install translation site (like

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