Re: [bug #25438] Crash when editing a file with a nonexistent syntax file included by ~/.mc/cedit/Syntax


> I've asked Miguel and Pavel several times to lock the bugtracker and to add a 
> hint on the project page that the development has moved to www.midnight-
> but nothing happened. I  would be happy if finally the bugtracker 
> on savannah could be closed. 

Oops.   I am sorry, I could use some help here:

	* I tried registering an account `miguel', but I guess someone
	  must have created it for me before.  Could I get the 
	  credentials for it?

I will look into the tickets this week and provide some feedback.

> Furthermore it would be cool if somone could give me (and maybe someone else 
> from the new team access to the savannah stuff so that we are able to continue 
> to upload the new source tarball to the gnu servers. 

I finally found my login/password for Savanah, what needs changing on
that site?


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