Re: [Midnight Commander] #140: [PATCH] moving doc files

#140: [PATCH] moving doc files
  Reporter:  Enrico Weigelt zaphod local, metux IT service <weigelt metux de>  |       Owner:  metux   
      Type:  defect                                                            |      Status:  accepted
  Priority:  major                                                             |   Milestone:  4.7     
 Component:  mc-core                                                           |     Version:  4.6.1   
Resolution:                                                                    |    Keywords:  review  
  Blocking:                                                                    |   Blockedby:          

Comment(by Enrico Weigelt):

 * MC Ticket System <tickets midnight-commander org> schrieb:

 > Comment(by slavazanko):
 >  Is need to move lib/mc.hint* files into doc/hints?

 If we put manuals to doc/, then the .hint* files also belong there.


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