Re: [Midnight Commander] #157: [PATCH] Micro helper library

#157: [PATCH] Micro helper library
  Reporter:  Enrico Weigelt zaphod local, metux IT service <weigelt metux de>  |       Owner:  metux             
      Type:  enhancement                                                       |      Status:  accepted          
  Priority:  critical                                                          |   Milestone:  4.6.2             
 Component:  mc-core                                                           |     Version:  4.6.1             
Resolution:                                                                    |    Keywords:  review vote-winnie
  Blocking:  10, 14, 41, 55, 81, 125, 147, 149, 152                            |   Blockedby:                    

Comment(by Enrico Weigelt):

 * MC Ticket System <tickets midnight-commander org> schrieb:

 > Comment(by slavazanko):
 >  > a) the glib stuff is quite useless, just adds extra code
 >  On a modern computers it's don't important :)

 Useless code is always a mess, at least for maintenance.
 I'm really curios which problem you intend to solve - or is it
 just glib-fetishism ? ;-o

 > For other systems we make own realization of glib-functions... if needed

 We dont need any extra solution, just leave it as it was.

 >  > b) moving the funcs to separate .c file just kills inline'ing.
 >  Modern compilers may automatically make some function inline or not.

 Only if they can. As soon as you put the code in an extra .c file, which
 gets compiled separately, the compiler has no chance to do inline'ing.

 >  Some example of usage:
 >  {{{
 >  some_function_1(params){
 >     ...
 >  }

 This would only make sense if you want to *enforce* inline'ing on
 an per-function basis. Is this really necessary ? Do you really feel
 more clever than the compiler on whether to inline certain specific
 function ?


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