Re: [Midnight Commander] #2: savannah: UTF-8 locales not supported

#2: savannah: UTF-8 locales not supported
  Reporter:  slavazanko  |       Owner:  slavazanko  
      Type:  defect      |      Status:  accepted    
  Priority:  major       |   Milestone:  UTF8 Support
 Component:  mc-core     |     Version:              
Resolution:              |    Keywords:              
  Blocking:              |   Blockedby:              
Changes (by slavazanko):

  * owner:  => slavazanko
  * status:  new => accepted
  * milestone:  Recode Support => UTF8 Support


 I propose this patches:

 Link from:

 IMHO, this more right patches than patches from Fedora, Suse etc (no
 stupid #ifdef..#else...#endif in many source files).

 BTW, my global idea: in future gather #ifdef...#endif in one place
 (mclib?); other source files  must be cleaned from # ifdef ... # endif as
 is possible.

 Also, present branch 'utf-8' with this patches.

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