Re: [Midnight Commander] #160: [PATCH] Edit: ebuild syntax definition

#160: [PATCH] Edit: ebuild syntax definition
  Reporter:  Enrico Weigelt zaphod local, metux IT service <weigelt metux de>  |       Owner:  metux         
      Type:  enhancement                                                       |      Status:  accepted      
  Priority:  major                                                             |   Milestone:  4.7           
 Component:  mcedit                                                            |     Version:  4.6.1         
Resolution:                                                                    |    Keywords:  review, ebuild
  Blocking:                                                                    |   Blockedby:                
Changes (by slyfox):

  * keywords:  review => review, ebuild


 .ebuilds are usual shell scripts

 Ebuild syntax file looks _OUTDATED_ in respect to shell.syntax with:

 shell out-of-sync issues:
 * some control words are hot highlighted: 'if', 'then', 'else', etc. (have
 a look at 'diff syntax/ebuild.syntax syntax/shell.syntax')
 * some literals are not highlighted:
     * single quoted ones: """sed -e -s's/hello/world/g'"""
     * global variables: """AUDIO="$(get_audio)"""

 * some global vars are not highlighted properly: SCR_URI, SLOT
 * some ebuild keywords are not highlighted at all: 'enewgroup'

 All the rest looks OK, so patch could be merged. I could add some patches
 to fix above issues this weekend :]

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