Cocoa front end


I was thinking of adding a cocoa front end to MC just for fun, and assuming I can scrape together the time (i.e. I wouldn't expect a patch anytime soon - or maybe ever). 

Looking at the code, it appears as though there may be some refactoring required to abstract the UI a bit more before trying to slap an objective-c gui on there (I write C++ almost exclusively nowadays and haven't been in the pure C world for quite some time :D). Does that seem like a reasonable statement to most?

I'm just looking for a bit of bootstrapping here, if someone's willing to give it. If that doesn't seem reasonable for code that may never see the light of day, that's cool :). The code's in english so I'm sure I can find my way around given enough time. 

Cheers and thanks for keeping mc alive,

Thanks for keeping this project alive,
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