Re: Shell link bug

Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 10:39 +0100, SZABÓ Gergely wrote:

I have not found any related Ticket, shall I create one?

Probably yes :-)

Second problem:
if I git clone or git pull over http, the above commit is the latest I get. I doubt that the project's been idle in the last two weeks, but I may be wrong :-)
It's not the first time the http repo goes retro.

Which one are you using ( / mc-o)?

zyv mypride:~/Documents/test/mc-git$ git reset --hard origin/master HEAD is now at 45e7931... Update Russian translate (thanks to guys from
fedora conference jabber ru chatroom)

I've created Ticket #1878 about the shell-link copy bug.
Best regards

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