Shell link bug


I've tried to copy a large amount of big files (music) over an mc Shell link from another machine. Mc always hung after having copied a number of (but not all) files, I had to kill it every time.

I suspected the dodgy WLAN connection first, but the same bug could be reproduced on a direct LAN connection as well.

The copy worked perfectly with a manual scp command.

Used configuration:
- ubuntu 9.04, locale en_US.UTF-8
- mc compiled from commit f574b9... 2009-12-04 Updated Slovak (sk) translation
- mc configured with ./configure --with-samba

I have not found any related Ticket, shall I create one?

Second problem:
if I git clone or git pull over http, the above commit is the latest I get. I doubt that the project's been idle in the last two weeks, but I may be wrong :-)
It's not the first time the http repo goes retro.

Best regards

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