Re: wish: extfs discovery

* Marcin Owsiany <porridge debian org> schrieb:


> It does not make much sense to include the extfs script in the mc
> package, as maintaining it and releasing updates together with "cruft"
> will be much easier and more efficient.
> The only thing needed to make this "cruft-fs" work is an entry in the
> extfs.ini file. However that file is owned by the mc package, which
> means that I cannot add/delete lines to/from it on cruft package
> installation/removal.

This could be done by an separate script, which creates extfs.ini 
from separate sources. You don't need to touch mc itself - just move
the original extfs.ini to some other name (so: no more extfs.ini in 
the binpkg itself) and let the generator run on appropriate times
(eg. on post-update's). 

But let me propose an (IMHO) more sophisticated approach:

Maybe you've already noticed, I've added support for the 9P protocol
via libmvfs (an virtual filesystem library) and libmixp (9P library)
for mc (not released yet). New filesystems now can either be plugged in
via mvfs or (IMHO better) as 9P fileserver.

BTW I'm currently in the process of writing lots of more fileservers,
eg. for mixer control, mail access, etc, etc. They all will also be 
accessible to mc :)

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