wish: extfs discovery

Hi all,

I created a custom extfs which allows easy browsing of reports created
by a program I maintain, called "cruft" (http://bugs.debian.org/407475 for
the curious).

It does not make much sense to include the extfs script in the mc
package, as maintaining it and releasing updates together with "cruft"
will be much easier and more efficient.

The only thing needed to make this "cruft-fs" work is an entry in the
extfs.ini file. However that file is owned by the mc package, which
means that I cannot add/delete lines to/from it on cruft package

I thought of some KISS-style solution, such as having:
 1) a extfs.ini.d/ directory into which package such as cruft could drop
 extfs.ini snippets,
 2) a simple update-mc-extfs script, to be called in package postinst
 scripts, which would just cat the snippets together into extfs.ini.

As such, it would be a simple packaging issue and would not need any mc
code modification.

Another way is to have mc perform available extfs discovery on runtime.
This would of course require code changes.

The debian mc package maintainers asked me to send a feature request
here. Before I submit a patch, I'd like to ask which implementation
you'd like more?

Marcin Owsiany <porridge debian org>             http://marcin.owsiany.pl/
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