Re: comparing our patches

On neděle 09 březen 2008, Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> Hello,
> I guess a good start to get a repository with a set of all of our patches
> is
> to get a overview about all of them, in order to find patches which are
> identical in every distribution.
> In order to do this I've set up a git repository on my own server. (I think
> when we have a freedesktop project I'll surely move everything to
> freedesktop's git).  (See
> I've created in this git repo several branches. For each distribution one.
> It would rock if you can send me a login name + a ssh-key and I'll give you
> ssh access to this repository.
> Then we can start slowly to add patches there. (Not everything at once, but
> one patch per commit, in order to make merging easier). Please give the
> patches useful names (not something like: main.c.patch but:
> adding_feature_foo.patch).
> After each distribution has checked in the patches, I would suggest that we
> start to have a look at patches/patchseries with a specific aim.

Unfortunately I could not find time to read git documentation. Can you please 
send a short description how to submit the patches?


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