comparing our patches

I guess a good start to get a repository with a set of all of our patches 
to get a overview about all of them, in order to find patches which are 
identical in every distribution. 

In order to do this I've set up a git repository on my own server. (I think 
when we have a freedesktop project I'll surely move everything to 
freedesktop's git).  (See 
I've created in this git repo several branches. For each distribution one. 
It would rock if you can send me a login name + a ssh-key and I'll give you 
ssh access to this repository. 
Then we can start slowly to add patches there. (Not everything at once, but 
one patch per commit, in order to make merging easier). Please give the 
patches useful names (not something like: main.c.patch but: 

After each distribution has checked in the patches, I would suggest that we 
start to have a look at patches/patchseries with a specific aim.

So at first we start to find a common patch basis for patches which 
add/modify/delete something related to the syntax highlighting 

After finding a common set of patches here we can add this one to master 
and start to have a look on the next set of patches.


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