Anyone interested in helping me start a new project?

Hello, been using Midnight Commander for a while, it's a good replacement to NC from the old DOS days. Back in the day, I used to use 2 programs to manage my DOS system, NC, and a little known set of tools known as "IBM/TI PC Directory File Editor (DF-EDIT)" or just DF-EDIT. I would love to see the DF-EDIT tools ported to *NIX systems. I've started a sourceforge project:

Over there I've put a small description of the tools and what they did, and a few mockups of one of the programs.

Sadly, I have no programming knowledge (BASIC doesn't really count now does it ;-) ) and it would be great if a few people could get the project off the ground.

I haven't set up the Sourceforge mailing list yet, but if you're interested, just drop me an email (ian.hawdon <_AT_>


Ian Hawdon (ian_hawdon)

Administrator at

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