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Enrico Weigelt wrote:

> huh, I'm not sure whether mvc fits in here. 

mcvfs - VIEW; core (signal handling, User events etc) - CONTROLLER,
slang,mcslang,ncurses - VIEWs.. Why not? :)

> Well, if we say "everything's a file" and the model is the vfs 
> (including things like search results represented as filesystem),
> we could make some steps in this direction :)

Yep, everything is a file. Network connects - files too. :)
For example:
$ cat ~/secret/path/to/my-one-of-many-many-server.mcvfs-ftp
port: 12345
user: xxxx
passwd: xxxx
passv: 1

By pressing 'Enter' to the *.mcvfs-ftp file (via mc.ext) ftp session
will establish... Is this bad think?

> Okay. I've sent out all gentoo patches so far, they're not too many.
> But for the future it would be cool to have the upload process 
> done automatically - with a local command line would be even better.

"7zip support"
   Ticket #92 (

"some bash support fixups"
   Patch already applied, but not in official branch - in our mc-4.6.3 :)
   Patches from our branch will transfer to an oficial branch.

Adds gentoo ebuild file syntax definition
   Patch already applied in 4.6.3

cons.saver: non-blocking console
   Ticket #93 (

Some fixups for large file support (64bit sizes) on 32bit systems
   Ticket #94 (

find file fixups
   Ticket #95 (

segfault-on-invalid-mtime fix
   Ticket #96 (

   Ticket #97 (

All your published patches now processed.

BTW, after applying all gathehing patches, we can assign version
4.7.0-pre1 ;)
Because a lot of changes compared to the current 4.6.2-pre1...

WBR, Slavaz.

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