Re: Further Midnight Commander development

Am Thursday 18 December 2008 07:39:30 schrieben Sie:
> Slava Zanko said:     (by the date of Thu, 18 Dec 2008 02:23:07 +0200)
> > Alex Custov
> > Andrew Savchenko
> > Denis Frolov
> > Dmitry Korzhevin
> > Pavel Vasil'ev
> > Slava Zanko
> Isn't Patrick Winnertz part of your newly formed development team?
> I guess that he wants to be! He just asked for write access to CVS.
No, I'm the maintainer of mc inside debian and using it very heavily. I wrote 
some smaller patches for mc which I posted to the list several months ago. 
After no reaction I worked for my own. 
If nobody has any objections I would like to work together with this new team 
on the development of mc. 


 . '' ` .   Patrick Winnertz <winnie debian org>
:  :'   :   proud Debian developer, author, administrator, and user
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