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> Datum: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 14:43:53 +0200
> Von: Egmont Koblinger
> An: Pavel Tsekov
> Betreff: Re: Getting ready for a release

> Being a maintainer of a distro what I see is that by now every Linux
> distribution that matters has switched to using UTF-8, and mc is amongst
> the
> really very very few packages that still need to be patched to work
> correctly in such environments. (I think mc is the only one where lack of
> utf-8 support is immediately seen by the users and makes it nearly
> unusable in such systems).

Lack of UTF-8 support is a big minus on the part of MC, but I think that
your statement is a bit overestimated. It's more like MC is not following the latest trend, IMO.

> Hence distros will still have to patch mc for UTF-8, just
> as they did with 4.6.1. It also implies that users won't
> be able to simply download and compile and use this brand new mc -
> they'll have to wait for their distributors to update the package,
> which probably don't happen immediately due to the work required on
> their side.

MC on all major distros comes with the UTF-8 patch. MC in CVS is not 
different than the snapshots most of the distros use to build their
packages - maybe there are some who stick to the 4.6.1 release though.

> So IMHO UTF-8 support out of the box is a must for the version named 4.7.

I haven't looked at the UTF-8 patch recently (but I will) so I cannot
comment it. Do you think that UTF-8 patch 'as is' is the right way to
implement UTF-8 for MC ? And what about ncurses - it is my opinion 
that it must not be dropped in favor of S-Lang...

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