do_refresh() is called twice


In many places, the do_refresh() function is called twice.

Let's the mc_internal_viewer() function as an example. The last action
in mc_internal_viewer() is the of destroy_dlg() call. The last action
in destroy_dlg() is the do_refresh() call.

In view_file_at_line() function, repaint_screen() is called
after mc_internal_viewer(). The same is in exec_extension() function. The first action in repaint_screen() is the do_refresh() call. So, you
can see that the do_refresh() is called twice.

Sometimes do_refresh() can be called twice in user_menu_cmd() (src/user.c, lines 659, 834).

Another such places:

end of display_bits_box() function:
    destroy_dlg (dbits_dlg);
    repaint_screen ();

hotlist_done(), learn_done(), listmode_done(), panelize_done() functions:
    destroy_dlg (...);
    repaint_screen ();

May be somewhere else. I don't have the full list at this moment .


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