[patch #6073] Crash in browser on invalid mtimes

Follow-up Comment #7, patch #6073 (project mc):

> So, have you actually determined that the crash happens because the library
routine localtime() fails on an invalid timestamp i.e. by running MC under gdb


> Could you attach a backtrace from the crash ? I have to ask since I cannot
reproduce the crash myself. 

Here you go. This is from mc 4.6.1, completely unpatched.

> Btw I am attaching a strace of the testcase you provided. As you can see
from it no invalid date is passed to utime() - seems like perl detects the
invalid date and resets it. 

Considering you get a nicely formatted date, and strace segfaults for me (!),
I think strace is calling localtime and then strftime itself too, and perl is
doing nothing special about it. :) (Of course, I'll report this to the strace

BTW, are you by any chance on a 32-bit system? I'm on an amd64 system, but in
an x86 chroot, I now notice I consistently get a date in 1970, just like you.

(file #13442)

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