[bug #18042] cannot specify port number in shell link

Follow-up Comment #3, bug #18042 (project mc):

> Do I understand correctly that a port number *can* be combined with C _or_
r? And does one have to specify a port number if one uses 'r'? Please explain
any syntax changes that you introduced.

No. Look at utilvfs.c:vfs_split_url().
No one syntax change. Only undocumented behaviour changed.
It is possible to use /#sh:user host:6789 right now.
And fish uses port&1 as 'C' option and port&2 as 'r'.

Possible solution is to use 0x10000<<1 and 0x10000<<2 instead of 1 and 2.

> From what I remember from earlier investigations to separate out the port
from the other options we need to add an extra variable to some of the
functions. Am I mistaken?

You are right.

> Maybe it's best first to decide on a new option syntax that allows all
combinations and then implement that new syntax?

I am not sure we can allow such redesign because of lack of manpower.

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