MC problem with new bash 3.2

I was about to report this problem, when I saw in the archive that it has
already been discussed here and more or less solved.

So only a few more remarks: I had already reported that issue to the
bash-maintainers and their answer was: they had made the change in the "echo
-e" behaviour to adhere to some current standards and they mean that no
"portable" application should use the "deprecated, non portable" echo, but
instead the "portable" printf.
The whole little discussion thread can be found in the bug-bash mailing-list
under the subject "Problem with echo -e in bash 3.2"

And btw, the effect on mc is even bigger in older versions (e.g. 4.5.xx) where
not only special characters but all characters are quoted with octal digits in

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University of Cologne
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