Re: [PATCH] man2hlp breaks links in help file

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006, Grigory Trenin wrote:

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

isn't it better  to rip the link wrapping code out of
man2hlp.c and move it in the help viewer ? I think this
would be better fix in the long term.

I think that doing all line wrapping in the Help Viewer "on the fly"
will require more changes (like defining a new control character to
mark indented text), though it may be better in long term.
This is a larger amount of work, compared to my tiny patch :)

Another possible way is to add to the Help Viewer a code that will
squeeze several spaces to one space
("Directory        Tree"  -->  "Directory Tree").
But I think that it is better not to produce such broken
links at all (i.e. to fix man2hlp.c) instead of
producing them and then fixing in the Help Viewer.

Sure - man2hlp.c shouldn't try to mess with the link
target. That's why I suggest that we move the link
wrapping code to the help viewer. After all it is up
to the link viewer to interpret the help file and
display it as it sees fit - it knows what it has to
do best. Give me a few days to look at the code to
try to estimate how hard is it to implement the
wrapping in the viewer.

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